Giving Back: Fundraisers for Cardinals Marching Band & School of Music

As part of the firm’s unswerving commitment to the University of Louisville, the Triplett & Carothers team hosted two 2023 fundraisers — featuring a watch-party, game night, give-aways and a silent auction — at the George J. Howe Red Barn in January and February. The January event raised over $1,700 for the Cardinal Marching Band… read more

Step-Up in Basis Rule is an Heir’s Best Friend

The step-up tax adjustment has been under siege for decades but has so far survived the onslaughts. The provision, which reduces capital gains tax for estates, has been controversial since the 1970s. Policymakers would still love to get their hands on the bonanza in tax revenues it represents. There is a counterargument: If the law… read more

Dead Hand Control: How Wills & Trusts Can Control Behavior

You may want to use your estate to influence your heirs in your absence. To a certain extent, this might be possible, but the process is delicate, and it requires well-designed structures. By exerting what is called “dead hand control,” people may condition bequests in their legacies by framing bequests around required or forbidden activities…. read more

Protect Your Digital Assets

Digital estate plans are effective ways by which you can successfully protect yourself online. They can help you safeguard yourself against identity theft and the illegal reception of monetary information regarding your business finances as well as private files, like insurance paperwork. When you run a business and your company has a digital footprint in… read more


Lena manages the trust and estate team covering all aspects of trust and estate administration. Her greatest joy is meeting with family members to assist them in the administration process for the transition of assets from the decedent to the beneficiary. She brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients. She works… read more

How to Choose the Right Probate Lawyer

Maybe you have been named executor in a will. Or, for an added wrinkle, suppose there is no executor, or those named are either dead or unavailable. Compounding the problem, imagine you have decided the named executor is not up to snuff and must be replaced. First, you are under no obligation to retain the… read more

The Eternal Question: Standard vs. Itemized

With tax time coming, you will need to ask yourself: Do I itemize my deductions or do I accept the standard deduction? In brief, the standard deduction lets you lower your income by a flat rate. It makes the math easy and you don’t have to work your way through piles of records. However, you… read more

A Close Look At a Trustee’s Duties

Julius Caesar’s wife was not a trustee, but she was (rather unfairly) expected to act like one. When she rebuffed a man who had tried to seduce her, Caesar divorced her anyway on the grounds that she must never even be suspected of unseemly behavior: “Caesar’s wife must be beyond suspicion.” The highest ethical standards… read more

How To Create a Business Succession Plan

There is an unbelievable number of companies across a wide array of industries, which may lead you to believe that the creation of a succession plan must be a unique and one-off process. For instance, family businesses in particular carry distinctive cultures and reflect idiosyncratic histories in ways that might be challenging for outsiders to… read more

New Law Ushers in Major Retirement Changes

There’s been buzz about new retirement plan provisions for weeks, and now they’re final, bringing about changes to various federal rules and adding flexibility for current and future retirees. The Secure 2.0 Act of 2022, part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, includes the following modifications, some of which are immediate, and others that… read more