Harveys: Up To No Gouda

ON A PERSONAL NOTE … At Triplett & Carothers, we are certainly foodies, enjoying all the gastro culture available here in Louisville. We stumbled across Harvey’s Café-Bar-Cheese Shop recently and wanted to share our love of the modern Australian cuisine plus the amazing signature cheese plates and charcuterie boards. We appreciate Harvey’s tagline “Up to… read more

Should You Explore Phased Retirement?

Have you wished for something between full-time work and retirement? Phased retirement programs allow workers nearing retirement age to cut back on hours while keeping some pay and benefits. The pandemic opened bosses to flexible work arrangements. And now, a fierce hiring market and higher-than-expected retirement rates have motivated them to find ways to retain… read more

Examples of Common Email Scams

Most email scams end up involving requests to send money, cash checks, establish business relationships or requests for information. The names and details of these scams change over the years–some of them go back to the 19th century! But they keep coming back. Here are some typical scams; there are many variations. Nigerian Letter This… read more

Are You Ready to Downsize Your Home?

Downsizing to a smaller home — typically when you reach your sunset years — comes with several benefits. The big one? Owning a smaller home can provide financial relief. Your new, smaller home might come with a smaller price tag, which equates to a lower monthly mortgage payment and can help with an estate plan…. read more

What is the Corporate Transparency Act?

The CTA is a law that requires business entities it identifies as reporting companies to disclose certain information about the company and its owners to the US Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Under the CTA, a reporting company is a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other similar entity created by… read more

Caregiving and Retirement Savings

Over three-quarters of the respondents in Fidelity’s 2021 American Caregivers Study understood how difficult taking care of a disabled family member was. They insisted they had no other choice and that the decision was more emotional than practical. Their devotion still takes a toll on their stress levels and own retirement planning, though. At times, they… read more

Get Ready To File in 2024

The beginning of the new year is the time for taxpayers to start gathering their documents for filing their 2023 returns. And the IRS has announced some important enhancements taxpayers should be aware of to ease the yearly burden. It’s hoped taxpayers will find that the enhancements made by the IRS to the online filing… read more

Payroll Tax Rates and Contribution Limits for 2024

Below are federal payroll tax rates and benefits contribution limits for 2024. Social Security tax In 2024, the Social Security tax rate is 6.2% for employers and employees, unchanged from 2023. The Social Security wage base is $168,600 for employers and employees, increasing from $160,200 in 2023. Self-employed people must pay 12.4% on the first $168,600. Medicare tax In… read more

How Often Should You Check Credit Reports?

Most mortgage lenders reserve their lowest rates for borrowers with FICO credit scores of 800 or higher. But what if your score is significantly lower? What are some reasons explaining why you are stuck with a FICO score of 620, 660 or 680? The answers can be found in your credit reports. You have three… read more

Volunteering in Retirement

There is no shortage of opportunities for those inclined to provide their time and effort for volunteering. These opportunities exist at every nonprofit organization for both retirees and younger generations. Define opportunities The first step is to work out what motivates you, what you want to do and when you will be available to do… read more