Pops’ Pepper Patch Brings The Fire


This month, we are sending a shout-out to our client Pops’ Pepper Patch, a small batch food processor specializing in condiments. Their products range from very mild to unbelievably wild. At Pops’ there’s something for everybody’s range of taste and tolerance for spice.

How it all started from Bill Kamman, CEO:

“A gift of pepper-infused vinegar to my father, Bob “Pops” Kamman, upon his retirement in 1993 is what started it all. He got the fever from that delicious gift of love and started growing peppers of his own along with herbs and thyme. Soon, he was filling bottles and making people happy. And I was helping dad nights and weekends and I loved it. I’ve never seen folks get stirred up like they did when Pops’ added a red pepper jelly to the product line. Suddenly, we were practically a household name. Even the Courier Journal was talking about us.

After decades of hard work, he was ready for some rightfully-earned rest and relaxation in 1995. So I took the reins of the Pops’ company. Since then, with my wife’s support, we’ve kept growing, and managed to keep Pop’s legacy alive. Be sure to check out our barbecue sauces, hot sauces, salsas, bloody Mary mixers, salad dressings and the best damn spicy pickles you’ve ever had!”

Occasionally, we get a little treat from our friends at Pops’ … our personal favorite: The Smokey Tomato Dressing. Check out the website at  https://pops-pepper-patch-inc.myshopify.com/