Unlocking Your Body’s Flexibility: Better Health, Longer Life

During the month of January, Reggie Garcia checked out the Stretch Zone. His first visit jump-started his day — even before coffee — leaving him awake, revived, and alert. The certified fitness and therapy professionals use a process that includes three segments, gradually increasing the level of stretch while communicating with the client about how it feels.

Pictured here: Reggie Garcia in his first stretching session

From the website: Different from stretching at home, practitioner-assisted stretching is a personalized routine performed by trained practitioners. Using our patented strapping system and proprietary tables to position, stabilize and isolate muscles, our certified staff delivers a life-changing stretch experience to help you move efficiently and effortlessly. Simply put, we do all the work, you get all the benefits.

“They stretched muscles in my core I have never ever stretched before,” shared Reggie who is a tri-athlete and knows how to stretch and train. “I felt less pain and experienced better performance when I went for my after-work run that day, too.”  He explains that they do the heavy lifting and manipulate you so you can keep your muscles relaxed.

The clean, open space is easy to access and felt very Covid-safe and sterile.  The Stretch Zone now has two locations. If you are looking to unlock your body’s flexibility or rehab after an injury or surgery, we encourage you to see what they have to offer. Visit the website for the Stretch Zone here.

In support of our firm initiative for health and fitness, the Stretch Zone has given us five $50 gift certifications! Reach out to Reggie here if you would like one.


While our work at Triplett & Carothers often involves drafting estate plans to provide for disability and death, our goal is to put off using them as long as possible! We’re excited to share our new (occasional) series called Better Health, Longer Life where we’ll look at a variety of tools and techniques to extend life and enable healthier living. From oxygen therapy to stretching, salt caves to intermittent fasting, our client concierge and office manager Reggie Garcia will explore the latest in science and health.