Proud to Sponsor Tri-Loco Triathlon Club

At Triplett & Carothers, we are proud to be a continued sponsor and passionate supporter for the TRI-LOCO Triathlon Club.

The team recently traveled to Natural Springs Resort for the first-ever TRI-LOCO training camp; all activities included proper social distancing and safety precautions.

We applaud and celebrate the TRI-LOCO commitment to fitness and health. And we look to the team as wellness role models, especially during these challenging COVID times.

Join the team every Monday where the open water swim practice is open to all, featuring individual safety protocols for each swimmer.

“A Loco knows no strangers.”

TRI-LOCO is a midwest-based triathlon and endurance sports team. “We race, train, and socialize together. Our members range from All American to beginner.”

To learn more about these national champions, reach out to Reggie Garcia here or visit the Tri-Loco website here.