Halotherapy Benefits Immune System, Life Balance and Energy

 This month, Reggie Garcia, Operations Manager and Client Concierge, visited the Louisville Salt Cave for our regular series “Better Health, Longer Life.” (We like to say that while our work at Triplett & Carothers often includes drafting estate plans to provide for disability and death, our goal is to put off using them as long as possible!)

According to the website, “Louisville Salt Cave was inspired by the quest for inner peace. Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, benefits the immune system, life balance and energy with focus on the lungs, skin and mind. It utilizes salt for its healing capabilities. A halo generator in the Cave grinds and disperses tiny particles of salt, which can help your skin and lungs absorb irritants, promoting detoxification and relaxation.”

Reggie reports that the inner sanctum of the salt cave was nicely appointed with lights, music and, of course, the Himalyan salt … which all contributed to the total experience. He especially liked the peace and serenity you feel right away as well as the ability to have a small group (for team building or staff outing) join you.

Learn more about how breathing in dry salt particles helps your respiratory track and increases the activity of your skill cell ion channels here: Louisville Salt Cave.