Benefits of Floating & Sensory Deprivation

June’s adventure in our Better Health, Longer Life series took our operations manager/client concierge Reggie Garcia to a floatation therapy spa. (We like to say that while our work at Triplett & Carothers often includes drafting estate plans to provide for disability and death, our goal is to put off using them as long as possible!)

After a cleanse in a fully private shower and dressing area, Reggie submerged into a bathtub-like pool with 1,000 pounds of Epson salts for a 60-minute soak. “You stop feeling the water after a while; you are desensitized, and move into a meditative state,” remarks Reggie after the experience.

Sustainable wellness spot Cryo+Lounge describes flotation therapy as a “zero-gravity sensory deprivation floatation therapy chamber designed to help your mind and body relax, recover, and reset.”

A 2021 article on WebMD confirms: “The main benefit of using a sensory deprivation tank is to ease mental anxiety and muscle tension.”

Learn more about the floatation therapy offering at Cryo+Lounge here.  Or reach out to Reggie to learn more about his experience. The cost for a 60-minute session is $50.00.