Advisor Spotlight: Rosalyn “Roz” Carothers

Roz Carothers was recently profiled by the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana in its Advisor Spotlight.

Music was Rosalyn “Roz” Carothers first love.

Classical, to be exact. Growing up in Louisville, she had a fascination with a variety of instruments that made up music’s sweet symphonic sound. The art of music was so alluring to a young Roz that she left high school at age 16 to attend the University of Louisville’s School of Music.

As she was exposed to varying genres of music, though, she realized her decade-long admiration of classical music wasn’t her only love. Instead, she discovered a spellbinding connection to Celtic and bluegrass music – notably the fiddle. Not an instrument typically associated with classical music, Roz began paving her own path to musical freedom. She joined a bluegrass band at 19 and began playing at various local establishments, including the old Woody’s Tavern in Louisville.

Over the years, Roz would eventually fall out of love with playing music professionally. But her musical career, albeit brief, taught her a thing or two about opportunity.”

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